Heartbreaking scenarios

Nowadays men feel trapped by a number of concerns. Men fear losing their well-being, while contemplate inert a world of transformations that can threat their most immediate scenarios; as their inner relationship with themselves, with family and their economic position. Restlessness and a blend of indifference is a characteristic of this time, where individuals try to retrieve their ​​estimated values that are under constant threat.  Under these conditions the internal disturbances insinuate that the crisis of our time go beyond the fear of financial decline. Men fear losing their individual quality of inner lives. This is partly due to the discomfort caused by ignorance of not having    redesigned work values and social life and for not having looked upon the threat when their values ​​were at stake.  

To be better versions of ourselves we seek to understand what dramatically compromises our routine and how we are affected by social conflicts and disasters widely spread around the world. Starting with the bloody wars in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Gaza, Israel and many other armed conflicts. Wars cause moral decline, affect the world economy. Radicalism intensifies the tensions and prevent humanitarian aid reaching the almost inaccessible places, where there are mostly women and children trying to hide.

This heartbreaking scenario of launching rockets has connection with the course of our lives, no matter where we are. This will compose the black part of our biographies. Left behind in their own destiny, Africa lives the panic of contamination by the Ebola virus and fight hard to embank the disease. The United Nations and the World Health Organization no longer give satisfactory answers.

I am part of those who do not feel comfortable with such scenario of horror and I continually seek to understand what is there inside the heart of men of my time.
Under the impact of wars, relationships are articulated, people are linked to others and the complex nature of man collides with the forces of the outside world that surrounds it. In the physical world, we know that a war does not end until the complete annihilation of the weakest. But living is to act, and our next task is to move the flow of these sad events until we can get out of this condition of mere rocket launchers.

Our human values ​​are threatened while war is a profitable business that promotes killing, and raises some men, politically. Life should not always be full of anxiety. But I assume that we are living a mistake, neglecting our inner peace and peace among men. 

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